First Ever Portable SSD by Western Digital

Western Digital is known for its hard drives, they offer cheap and reliable portable hard drive options than other competitors. As a matter of fact, I personally own 3 of portable hard drives myself, all from WD. They are the best, now WD created their first ever Solid State Drive known as My Passport SSD.  Let’s take a brief look on the tiny magnificence.

Somehow this is actually the first one from WD.

The My Passport SSD is the first solid-state drive from Western Digital. Faster and more durable than traditional hard drives, the pocket-size My Passport SSDs deliver data transfer speeds at up to 515 MB/s and feature a USB-C port. They’re available in 3 sizes: 1TB, 512GB, & 256GB.

The technical specifications of the passport SSD are as follows: As you can see, it is soo tiny and handy to carry anywhere.


The My Passport SSD will be available in three different sizes: 1TB for $399.99, 512GB for $199.99, and 256GB for $99.99; they are available to purchase today. Trust me , those are definitely pretty good prices for external SSDs, although they’re still dramatically more expensive than an external hard drive (for example, a 2TB My Passport hard drive costs just $79.99). But totally worth every penny.

So, would you guys buy this or wait on for the next one? Lemme know. Till then, PEACE!


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