Google Android Version – “O” = OREO?

It’s funny how Apple gets all the attention in the world, Yet Android remains the world’s biggest operating system. You’ll find it everywhere, which also means that it should work on absolutely every device on the planet.

Google just released a few crumbs of the delicacy they are working on about their next version of Android, which will arrive later this year and apparently is known as Android O. My money is on Oreo, what you guys think?

I may be wrong about the name.

It is being said that, “O” will optimize the battery to whole another level and will pack many updates over Nougat. I am pretty excited about the official release. Here’s a introductory GIF of few features. Thanks to this guy, you can click for the full sauce as well.


As you can see the new logo and one of the new feature is you can pretty much swipe up anywhere on the screen and it’ll open the app drawer. Also the icons at the bottom will turn black, which didn’t happen before. There are tons of other additional features. As I mentioned earlier, you can click on the sauce to see all the features.

This is it for now, I’ll see in the next one. PEACE!


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