Air Bar -How To Make Any Laptop Touch Screen!

Get ready to pinch, swipe, zoom and scroll without a touchscreen. The AirBar sensor works with your PC, and if you like to touch, this is it.

Apparently this bar can be attached to any non-touch Device/Laptop/Chromebook  and converts them into a touch-screen enabled device, isn’t it cool? The AirBar’s a slim sensor that magnetically latches onto the bottom of your Chromebook or Windows laptop’s display and connects via USB. Once it’s hooked up—Neonode says it’s plug and play, with no extra drivers necessary—the device casts a beam of light across your screen, and you can poke, pinch, zoom, swipe and scroll around with your hand the way you would on a touchscreen PC.

Since the AirBar’s powered by light, rather than touch, you can use it to interact with your laptop in ways that traditional touchscreens don’t allow, such as with a glove or even chopsticks, as the following gifs shows below:


Unlike some of the other impromptu touchscreen solutions out there, AirBar won’t break the bank, either. You can preorder the sensor on the AirBar website right now for $69, with the available models working with 13.3 , 14 and  15.6-inch laptops.

Grab one if interested here.

Let me know your views, PEACE!



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