Spider Bots with Augmented Reality are already here .. say what?

Now that AR is the future, I decide to dig deep and researched of something that is even better than the Instagram filters. Serious Stuff is here.

I’ll discuss about Mekamon – it’s an augmented reality based spider bot, you control with your smartphone and that is the new hype. Earlier it was launched for $329 a piece but they’ve a deal going on right now, so please click here to check the latest price. When viewed through the phone’s screen the robot inhabits a virtual battlefield, and can fight virtual opponents with missiles and lasers. There’s even a backstory and “Mekamon Universe” to tie it all together. Here’s a cool picture.


It it obvious no ones plays alone, so there’s also a two-player mode, where you’ve to battle another MekaMon without AR, which is obviously the best part. The bots can be customized with different snap-on components (sold separately), which also change the bot’s capabilities. During a fight the bots “level up” and can get new abilities and virtual items, sort of like League of Legends but, you know, with real-life robots. So when you get the new components, you bot might look like this.


The four legged robots scuttle quite rapidly, and the advertised hour of battery life is impressive for a “toy,” although the $329 price tag pushes this past the typical toy range. There’s also a $400 “Ultimate Battle Pack” that comes with two robots, which I suppose is a better of a deal.

This is how the bot behaves in action when gelled with AR.


MekaMon is built by Reach Robotics, and it’s the company’s first product after three years of work. The first 500 bots will ship in a “limited edition” on January next year, and then the bot will be available for general sale in June of next year. It’s available for preorder now.

So, what you feel about this tech? Lemme know! PEACE!


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