$1000 Earphones! Shure SE846 – Impressions

Today, I’m in a mood to post ridiculous price ranged gadget. I came across these pair of headphones that a normal guy like me can only dream to buy. They are worth more than some of the phones people have.

These are meat for people who are serious audiophile listeners or professional musicians, not for general public. So if you’re one of the above read forward. They pack serious hardware and have super customization as per one’s need.

1st of all, what’s included in the box, if some of you decide to buy. As you can see the image below, the box packs tons of things. They’ve various sized earbuds, adapter to hook up your desired gadget.  Volume rocker, if you decide to manually change the loudness of music. Pelican case with clasp to protect these treasure. A soft-cleaning cloth as of course, you wanna keep em clean 24X7. Carry case for the pairs. They’ve extra cable as they are detachable. In case if you’ve trouble with the cable, you can replace them. Which makes a lot of sense, giving this price.


Also, they come with a tiny tool that allows you to change the filters in the ear pods and modify the sound signature. Now, you must be thinking what he is writing about? Let’s take a look at the GIF and it’ll make your life easier and so the explanation.


As you can notice in the GIF, that the tiny small cylinder shape thing is the filter, now it comes with two variations depending whether you want to stress on bass or high frequency. You can swap these as per your choice and tweak the headphones to your desire.

Now the headphones come with heavy duty tensile cable, very strong and sturdy. And gorgeous looking headphones. This is how the design is implemented. So that’s what he headphones are packing inside as a hardware. Pretty ain’t they?


It’s obvious, I didn’t get a chance to try these on. But as far as the review goes, this is what the results breakdown to. “These are the greatest headphones, I’ve ever listened to in my entire life, whatever SHURE has managed to get done, is next level.” Now this is coming from a guy who tests gadget for living and it is had to please him. Considering the price range and features, I tend to believe him on this quote.

If you’re feeling brave and want to try these on. You can click below:

Shure SE846 (US) – http://amzn.to/25HIlBx
Shure SE846 (UK) – http://amzn.to/1pH3THo
Shure SE846 (CA) – http://amzn.to/1mgZhXj

Lemme know your thoughts, till then PEACE!


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