They tried to shrink iPhone

This little device bears a resemblance to the iPhone SE yet it runs Android. If Apple decided to make a 2-inch iPhone it would likely look like this. It functions like any other Android device and even features dual sim card slots. Got small hands? Here’s your iPhone alternative!1

The world of Smartphone is vast and massive, yet they come up with tiny devices. This phones is manufactured somewhere in the world and can be bought online.

What the phone packs inside, the following:

System OS Android 5.1
CPU MTK6592, Cortex A7 dual core, 1.2GHz;
GPU: Mali-400
Screen Display Size 2.4 Inch Type TFT, capacitive touch screen
Resolution 432 x 240 pixels
Screen Color 260K Colors

The phone look similar to iPhone but it’s obvious it’s not running IOS, it’s android.It has everything that new iphone has, also has the headphone jack. Imagine, tiny phone still have the headphone jack in it. Somehow, they managed to fit it into a phone this size. Hmm …craftly! Now, when we boot this phone, they also managed to make the wallpaper and layout look like iPhone.gif-1

Even, the icons look likes the one in IOS, the browser icon is like safari, people, and the music icon but once you click on that, it gives you the android layout.gif-2

Who is this for, I’ve no idea maybe a kid? or as a paper weight? or maybe it’s a spy thing. You want to be discreet and secretive, it’s a conversation starter for sure, maybe just wanna have some fun.

Yes! It looks almost exactly as an iPhone SE, I think, something tells me that’s what you are going for. Nonetheless, they’ve taken some inspiration and created what planned to achieve, I guess one of the most tiniest smartphone in the world.

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