Audio-Technica ATH-M50x: Review

Generally people don’t like to spend way too money, when it comes to headphones as most of the phone companies have headsets that does the job well, almost. But in order to enjoy your music and for those music enthusiasts, I’ve a recommendation that I personally own.

The Audio-Technica ATH-M50X headphones are considered the Cadillac of headphones.They are perfect for the office, or for use in any sort of DJing or music production. They’re large, but they’re comfortable enough to wear all day. They have big 45mm drivers, they provide just the right amount of over-the-ear isolation, they’re nearly indestructible, and the sound they produce is widely considered to be the benchmark of headphone performance.

They initially were launched in basic black and all white. But later they added few other colors. Including the limited edition blue known as Audio Technica ATH M50xBL  is the latest model of the M50 line of headphones. You may ask the question what is the difference between the XBL edition of the headphones compared to the other M50x’s. The BL simply stands for

They a range of models that are available, but I personally recommend M50x, why X? What does that “x” get you? When buying the old model, you had to choose between a coiled cable or a straight cable, and those cables were hard-set into the left earcup. Now, every pair of M50x headphones comes with three cables in the box: the curly cable, the 3-meter straight cable, and a new mobile-friendly 1.2-meter cable. Also, the cables are now detachable. So you can swap modes—use the long cable at your desk, the short one on your commute, and the curly one at your DJ gig at the pizza place.892292119579fb750242ca

I was so excited to try these on. I had goosebumps when I was listening to Aero Chord – Surface. The sound was at 70% and it was so crisp and the bass was astounding. That moment, I knew, I made the right decision to pick the headphones.

They may still be too big (or too pricey) for some. In that case, you should check out the other headphones in Audio-Technica’s lineup with a similar sound profile: The $100 M40x with 40mm drivers, and the $70 M30x, which has a non-detachable cable. But the M50x are still best. They have the the biggest drivers, the widest frequency response, and the best over-ear fit.

I can honestly see why these headphones are rated so highly. The style, comfort, and overall great sound is what makes these headphones a great buy. I had let several people wear the headphones, and I never heard one negative thing in regards to the comfort or the sound. Price considering, these are the king of over the ear headphones. There is nothing within this price range at sub $169 that even comes close.

You can them here. Trust me, this one purchase, you won’t



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