Top 5 Galaxy Note 7 Replacements

As we all loved Galaxy Note 7 at the launch with it’s impeccable specifications with pretty much everything best Samsung had to offer besides the Battery exploding feature. Turns out, users didn’t actually enjoy that unique feature. But it is adamant that, they’ll miss rest of the features that Note 7 offered. So, here are the Top 5 Galaxy Note 7 Replacements, I can think of.

  1. Galaxy S7 Edgehand

This is the closest you can get to Galaxy Note 7, it as the same camera and it only loses a few new features from the Note 7, so this will be the most obvious choice. You still get a gorgeous bright AMOLED display, it has the nearly identical software with Samsung UI on top of Android, minus the iris scanner and secure folder option.  Also you do lose the stylus but you actually get a bigger battery (non exploding feature in-built), so if you love the Note 7, you will love this.

2.Galaxy S7androidpit-samsung-galaxy-s7-4

This is actually a little bit of a further drop off and you lose a couple more features, you don’t get as big of a display or as big of a battery, also you don’t get edge display features but there’s almost no reason to get the regular S7, if you were on board with the S7 edge other than maybe you discover that your hands are too small to use a big phone suddenly or you just don’t like having a big phone. In that case, Galaxy S7 is the ultimate choice and is gonna do almost all the same things but for most people you should still do the S7 edge.

3. iPhone 7 Plusiphone-7-plus-jermaine-smit-concept-phone-1

So obviously this is now going a little bit outside the family and I generally never vouch for iPhone either but before you go crazy, the iPhone 7 plus is actually a really top-notched phone and it keeps up in lot of the ways that the Note 7 was good at. Note 7 was a great high-end large phone and iPhone 7 plus is another high-end large phone. You still have a great battery life, you still have a great camera and you still have water resistance too. It’s not quite HD super AMOLED display it’s easily the best 1080p display in smartphones so far, and still looks pretty good. Also, you would still be keeping a lot of the super high-end hardware and performance and features by picking up 7 Plus, now I don’t know how many early adopter super enthusiasts Note 7 buyers would drop everything and buy an iphone, IOS is obviously very different from Android. But still is definitely a rock solid choice and a full review is incoming for that too.

4. LG v20lg-v20-note-7-compare-01

So this is the phone, on can compete directly against the Note 7 in a lot of ways, for it’s money. So it should be a very similar experience, but this is a phone that been flying under a radar as far as great high-end big smartphones go and it’s definitely big no doubt in that, for comparison check the pic and it’ll blur away your doubt. But when you consider that, you get that huge removable battery, something that Note 7 didn’t have and might’ve saved the phones from exploding. Also you get expandable storage, great camera or pair of cameras like the iphone 7 plus. A really exceptional deck for great audio and that unique second display up top for notifications and saving your screen real estate on the main display. There’s a lot going for it, it’s not water resistant and obviously LG is packing a very different set of features on top of android than Samsung. There’s no S-pen but no other phone has an S-pen so it wouldn’t matter much. So as far as bigger android phones go, you cannot be wrong replacing Note 7 with LG v20.

5. Google Pixel XLgoogle-pixel-google-pixel-xl

It’s bit of a wild card and this couldn’t be a much better time for Google to launch their new flagship. For the larger of the 2 phones running pure stock android 7.1 out of the box, a lot of people haven’t  been much attention to it or giving it a much credit but the Pixel XL is shaping to be a pretty good big phone replacement. Now the caviar is it’s not out right now so depending on when you order it, there could be a gap for shipping it or not. But if you can get your hands on a Google Pixel XL, it pretty much look like a pretty good high-end smartphone but you will be missing some features right off Note 7, Pixel isn’t water resistant it doesn’t have expandable storage, it doesn’t have any of the Samsung features on top of android obviously, there’s no stylus, the camera is sort of unproven yet. It may or may not be as good as google claims.

Of course there are other big phones to be considered, there’s Moto Z-force, there’s HTC 10, there’s even cheaper ones we could also go with the Galaxy Note 5, if you just love Note flagship and the stylus. But no other phone that’s coming out will have that stylus and s-pen experience so if you gotta have the stylus then maybe you go back to Note 5 for the time being.

Either way, the phones that I listed above are the ones that are closest and similar to the one that we miss and loved so dearly minus the explosion. Until then R.I.P Note 7, it was a great phone, it really was but it’s gonna be missed it’s a shame and onto the next one. Until then PEACE!

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