R.I.P Samsung Galaxy Note 7

What the hell, Samsung? We were already disappointed when Galaxy Note 7 started to explode and the company gracefully took the recall and came out with a solution that would make everyone happy and wished for a smooth sail for Galaxy Note flagship.samsung-burn

But even after the recall, yet we faced same issues. Hence, Samsung has announced it’s ending production of the Galaxy Note 7 around the world, pulling the plug on the phone after a months-long controversy over its defective, dangerous batteries. “Taking our customer’s safety as our highest priority, we have decided to halt sales and production of the Galaxy Note 7,” said Samsung in a statement. The announcement follows yesterday’s news that the company is recalling all Note 7 devices, including the supposedly safe replacement phones.


Samsung issued a world wide recall yesterday as at least five replacement phones caught fire, again. “Samsung will ask all carrier and retail partners globally to stop sales and exchanges of the Galaxy Note 7,” said the company yesterday. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission commended the decision, with chairman Elliot Kaye saying: “It is the right move for Samsung to suspend the sale and exchange of all Galaxy Note 7s.”

Despite the flaws, some people came with a hack to use Galaxy Note 7 charging effectively, just kidding. Worth a try though. Haha



Even game developers came with a mod that made sense for the first time. Introducing Galaxy Note 7 in world famous game GTA V. Make sense, isn’t it?


Aside from the jokes, Consumers using any Note 7 (including replacement units) are requested to power them down immediately and return them to wherever they were originally purchased. Carriers have issued statements letting customers know that replacement Note 7s can be exchanged for another handset from Samsung or other manufacturers.

Although Samsung and the rest of the mobile industry will be investigating what exactly went wrong here for years to come, early reports suggest that the fault might have been caused by the Korean company’s desire to beat this year’s “dull” iPhone. Samsung is certainly not out of the mobile business despite this disaster, but recovery will be slow. The company’s shares tumbled 8 percent today, its biggest one-day decline in nearly a decade, with analysts estimating the recall could end up costing as much as $17 billion.

For curious minds, here’s what a smoking Galaxy Note 7 look like raw footage.


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