Pixel Launcher is available for most android phones

As the Pixel phones were launched yesterday with the latest 7.1 Android and all new Pixel Launcher that replaces the Google launcher. I was curious and found out that the launcher was leaked long back in September, to be precisely on 12. Here’s a taste of the new launcher with the newer interface and sleek design.screenshot_20161004-101506As you can see that there won’t be any menu button, it has been replaced with the tiny up arrow and also the google bar that used to be on top has shrink-ed, which actually looks cool.

You can now download it, side-load, and get a taste of Pixel before the phones are officially announced.

Below, you’ll find a .zip file that includes both the Pixel Launcher (v7.1-3231428) and the wallpaper picker, along with individual files for each in case you don’t want to deal with a .zip.

As a warning and reminder, I am not the provider of these files and cannot assure you that they are safe. These come from @Llabtoofer. Proceed at your own risk.

Nevertheless, if you’re looking to stay abreast of all the latest naming conventions that Google is applying to its variety of products and services, then we’ve got the download ready for you. Click right here to grab the .apk and you can find the wallpaper picker over here.

If you don’t want to bother with two download links, you can also find them zipped together right here.

Once installed, the menu will look something like this. It has the quick apps suggestion on top, earlier there were 4 recommendations, so now you get one extra. Also, they fixed the calendar it is dynamic now, so it’ll update everyday. Ooh Yeah!screenshot_20161005-191916

I tried it and I can say it’s much smoother and appealing than google launcher. However; I’ll miss Nexus flagship. If you try the launcher, let me know your thoughts.


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